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Go Red Corporate Challenge Update

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

With the Go Red Corporate Challenge entering its final weeks, we wanted to catch up with some of our First Source staff members who have been setting healthy eating habits, exercising more, and tracking their results. Today, we’re checking in with Michael Orsomarso about what he’s learned.

goredMike“So far the Challenge has taught me a lot about my personal eating/health habits.  While I thought I was eating healthy for a long time prior to beginning the Challenge, I learned that my mentality of what exactly “healthy” meant was a little skewed.  I have since changed my eating habits to incorporate more natural and truly healthy foods instead of what I was eating before:  Greek Yogurt with Kashi vs. Regular Lowfat Yogurt with Special K, baby spinach and peppers with eggs vs. turkey bacon with eggs, etc.  While whole wheat bread may be good for you, there are better alternatives and differences from one brand to another, such as the amount of sugar in the loaf.  One brand of “whole wheat” bread may have more added sugar and high fructose corn syrup than another.  I compare labels and make sure I know what most of the ingredients are, and watch for ones that I can’t even pronounce.  Overall, the Challenge so far has definitely forced me to take a double-look at my eating habits and the foods that I eat.  This is definitely something and a standard that I will hold myself to even after the Challenge has officially ended.”


The Go Red Corporate Challenge – An Interview with Michael Orsomarso

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Once again, First Source is participating in the Go Red Corporate Challenge. Over 8 weeks our staff are focusing on starting heart-healthy habits that include getting more exercise, eating well and more. We’re tracking our results and supporting each other as a team throughout the challenge.

Below, learn about Michael Orsomarso’s goals for the Go Red Corporate Challenge.


Michael Orsomarso
Financial Service Representative

Why did you sign up for the Challenge?

I signed up for the Challenge for a number of reasons. First, Heart Disease has unfortunately affected almost every member of my family. It is very important to me to stay healthy and “know your numbers” because of my family history. The Challenge forces me to keep track of everything that I eat, drink and do. Eating healthy and exercising are the key pieces to having a better lifestyle and getting a grip on your Simple 7 factors. When it comes to food, I have the willpower to only say “yes” to temptations. During the Challenge, it really helps me to have other co-workers trying to reach the same goals and being conscientious of what we are eating and doing. Having a good support system is, for me, a key to success.

What do you plan to focus on in the next 8 weeks?

In the next 8 weeks, I plan to focus on getting more active and keeping track of exactly what I’m eating. When I took the Simple 7 assessment, it is recommended to do 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. I have made this my goal and have made a schedule for myself to complete it. A recommendation from the assessment was to add 10 minutes every time to what I currently do now, which really adds up at the end of the week without making it seem much more difficult. Secondly, I am going to eat healthier by keeping track of everything I eat. Writing everything down really is an eye opener and really shows you how much a little cheat here or there adds up to.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to eat healthier and commit to a more aggressive exercise and workout schedule. While I thought that I was already eating enough whole grains, fruits and vegetables, I really wasn’t. Now that I know my goals and I have a support system here at work, I know that I will be able to improve my score and be healthier overall.

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