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LMV Day 6: Stay Healthy

After a nice holiday break, we jumped into Healthcare/Health & Wellness Day. I enjoyed this day quite a bit. It held my attention, and had a nice mix of presentation and interaction.

From a healthcare standpoint, we learned about the changing landscape, where primary and specialty care has been, and where our healthcare leaders see them progressing: really looking at a full continuity of care versus single silos, all to help alleviate repeat visits and streamline care. It was interesting to see all the moving parts of hospitals, providers, and of course, insurance, and how all of these will have to work and grow together while still providing service. A good way to describe it is the old adage, “trying to fix the plane while flying it.”

This was an interesting parallel, and offered some insight to me personally with initiatives I’m involved in at work. I like it when the day’s content is personally relevant. We’re in the midst of implementing some new technology and processes, but we can’t stop serving our Members today as we make changes for tomorrow.

Our Leadership module was, “Challenging the Process”. The focus was on how to be a critical thinker. How do you create change while being sensitive to all involved? How do you stay open-minded and willing to try that new path? There’s always a better way. The decision that worked best the last time may not be the best decision to carry you forward. Circumstances are always changing, and you have to be willing to try new ideas and stay agile. This hit home for me, as I am being challenged more with planning and designing the future, questioning what we offer, and discussing better ways to deliver our services. I have the opportunity to put these ideas and skills to use, while not losing my pragmatism, and striving to maintain balance as changes are made.

In the Wellness section, we learned about small things we could do in the workplace to help with well-being; even our posture, or the time we spend standing versus sitting. We ended up having a wonderful dialog with one presenter, completely moving away from the presentation, but with everyone participating in the discussion, which I really enjoyed.

We also had a great lesson regarding generational psychology. It was very interesting to see what past generations have experienced, why they parented the way they did, and how that in turn affects each subsequent generation. It shed some light on why some people are more independent, some are more collaborative, how people like or don’t like to solve problems, etc. It’s good knowledge to have when working with others.

As for our project, my team’s next step is a visit to the Ithaca Children’s Garden. I’m looking forward to seeing how they utilize their space, and what we can learn from them for our project.

– Brenda Rogowski, Loan and Deposit Operations Manager, LMV Participant

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