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Archive for December, 2015

LMV Day 5: Be a Visionary

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Brenda December LMVToday was “Government Day”, where we met with and heard from local elected officials, as well as those involved in political support roles. Before we began that part of our day, we worked through a leadership training module about engaging people in your vision, to compel them to become involved and fully invested. We learned the importance of being articulate, gaining support and momentum, speaking to others’ passions and values, and finding that connection. I found this topic to be a turning point for me in the LMV program!

Leadership books cite many attributes of a strong leader, but they state that the most important leadership quality is being a “visionary”. As I assessed my own leadership skills, I realized being a visionary isn’t an attribute I have developed or used heavily in my work roles. I have focused more on doing my very best within the existing framework, and helping my team to streamline and build efficiencies within those boundaries. I haven’t always pushed to say, what if we could do this or that instead? This discussion within LMV prompted me to perform some self-assessment. Is “being a visionary” lacking in my skillset, or is it something I haven’t devoted focus and energy to previously? Can I build and develop this skill so I can be someone who helps define a strategic vision, and not just support it from within? I plan to carry this self-discovery forward into the remaining months of my LMV class, and especially in my work.

Back to Government Day…it was an interesting day! I enjoyed being engaged in local politics, and not just dealing with federal changes to credit union regulations and compliance. We learned about political advertising, about shared resources for different municipalities, about creating change, and how to please as many people as you can while knowing that some may not be satisfied. I learned that people mostly vote with their hearts. An emotional connection for your vision is a big component of every decision, across the board and throughout life. I saw how hard these people work to bring a vision to life, with and without crucial support. I am very thankful for those who are passionate and serve as government officials.

As part of our session, my classmates and I were challenged by Sean “S-Dot” Morelle (LMV ’15) to top last year’s donation of 82 toys to the “Stuff the Bus” campaign, and we rose to the challenge with 91 toys!

Lastly, a quick update on our team project: The Children’s Museum outdoor space. We broke into subgroups to better tackle pieces of the bigger project. We have to consider the space itself, what it will look like in all four seasons, codes, budget, presentation, etc. I will be part of the creative group charged with actually designing the space, and I am looking forward to engaging in the creative process!

– Brenda Rogowski, Loan and Deposit Operations Manager, LMV Participant

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