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The Adventure Begins: First Day

BrendaLMV_blog2My first day (actually 2 days, there’s an overnight) went well. We heard from leaders in the community, learned a lot about each other and ourselves, and participated in trust exercises. Our group is very diverse, with many different career stages represented. This offers a lot of opportunity to learn from each other.

It was very different for me to have just met a group of people, and now have to put my blind faith in them. We had to work as a team through different exercises and tasks, but the craziest for me was a ropes course. Here we are supporting each other, mentally and physically, right from the start. There was no getting my feet wet. We jumped right in. While not my normal comfort zone, I learned that I could do it, and accomplished something bigger, working for a common goal in the process. And it was very smooth. I couldn’t believe how easily we fell right into step.

The highlight of my day was actually a kickball game. I am not athletic and would not generally choose to participate in something like this. But I jumped in, as it was part of my new adventure. I wanted to be there to support my team and have them know they could count on me. To my surprise, I actually completed a double play! Who knew I had it in me?! I look forward to uncovering new things about myself as I go.

Of note, I have homework. This is a serious course to develop myself as a leader. I’m cautiously optimistic about the fact that I also immediately had 35 new Facebook friends with whom to connect outside of the classroom.

– Brenda Rogowski, Loan and Deposit Operations Manager LMV Participant

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