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Day 2: Philanthropy & Trusteeship Day

BrendaDay2Pic_smAfter a month’s break, I was very much looking forward to my second LMV day. I realized that after such an intense orientation and then having a month off, I missed the LMV experience and the new people I’d met. I was happy that our next scheduled opportunity to get together was finally here.

This was our first true classroom program day. Our focus was “Philanthropy & Trusteeship”. It was a very packed and intense day, but I felt it was structured, organized, and executed very well. The day had a nice flow, and a good mix of presentation and conversation, interacting with each other, and completing thought-provoking exercises. We were constantly thinking and doing, and I enjoyed the well-rounded approach.

The most memorable part of the day for me was going through the “Grab the Gavel” exercise. We were broken into teams, and given a description of a fictitious board we were sitting on for an organization that had some issues. As a board, we needed to work together to identify the root of the issues, and develop tangible action items as solutions. It was a short timeframe, with varying personalities and work styles, working together to solve the issues. It was very intense and high-pressure to have these deliverables needed so quickly, but it was a positive experience and very eye-opening for me. Our team worked well together, and I was able to see different leadership styles at work.

Another exercise we completed was sort of confusing as we were going through it, but at the end we realized that was precisely the point. We learned how important is it to have a clearly defined set of objectives and good communication to receive a desired outcome. While this seems like common knowledge, it really is different when you’re in a situation lacking what you need. It was a great teaching moment.

We were also broken into our project teams and given our themes. After ranking our interests by categories, we were filtered into groups that also took into consideration our leadership styles, gender, occupation, age, expertise, etc. to ensure we were broken into well-rounded, diverse groups. I am excited to be part of the “Arts and Culture” team, which is exactly where I’d hoped to be.

To sum up the day, it was intellectually stimulating and socially engaging. I look forward to our next LMV session.

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